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The Sacred Heart Language College

Mission Statement/ Ethos and Values

“Confident in God’s love for us we commit ourselves to His service"

Our Mission Statement was developed by staff, pupils and Governors. 

 As a Catholic Learning Community, The Sacred Heart Language College is a Christian community bound together by love and respect for our human dignity. We want to enable everyone in our community to come to a deeper understanding of Christ. We strive for excellence in all that we do. In particular, we seek to provide a high quality education that will enable all in our community to discover and use the gifts and talents given us by God.

Our work is firmly based on the Gospel values of love, respect, justice, equality and compassion. We firmly believe that these values equip our pupils to be confident and informed members of society and are inherent within British values.

 The Sacred Heart Language College expects high standards from its pupils. It is a school committed to providing opportunities for success for all pupils whatever their abilities or aptitudes. Every girl is encouraged to attain her ‘personal best’ and the breadth and quality of the curriculum ensures that pupils leave as mature and confident young women, committed young adults who derive their confidence from their achievements.

 Everyone should have an equal opportunity to benefit from the strength of our community. We are a multi-cultural school and think ourselves fortunate to have such a diversity of talent, culture and language to enrich our lives. We must protect this richness. Teaching staff and Associate staff all have a crucial role to play in achieving all our aims for our pupils and in ensuring the growth and development of The Sacred Heart Language College as a strong community in each academic year.  

 Our staff are committed to high ideals of professionalism and dedicated service. Unity and consistent practice will underline all our work in The Sacred Heart Language College.