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The Sacred Heart Language College

MFL French

Curriculum statement – MFL

‘Confident in God’s love for us, we commit ourselves to His service’


Our core vision in the MFL department is to ensure that all our students are best equipped to thrive and achieve their best potential in the global world that we live in today. If we wish to ensure they become true global citizens, effective communication in a foreign language is of course key. However, it is also imperative that they are able to embrace different cultures and customs. We want our students to be passionate, curious and excited about the world and the people around us. Our aim is to instil an outward outlook on life and cherish cultural differences so we can also better understand our own. Our departmental motto clearly encompasses all aspects of our vision:

“Think Languages, Think Beyond – The World is Yours”


Learning a foreign language creates new opportunities, encourages intellectual rigour and of course enhances future employability. The MFL department’s key aims are:


  • to ensure students are able to communicate effectively and accurately in a wide range of topics and tenses in either French or Spanish
  • to ensure students achieve their highest potential in their MFL GCSE examination
  • to ensure students are fully equipped if they wish to continue to study MFL at A Level, and therefore minimise the GCSE/A Level gap
  • to develop key academic and transferable skills: improve memory, embed grammatical rigour, think logically, ability to identify and apply new patterns, ability to analyse new concepts
  • to embed a philosophy of resilience and highest standards at all times
  • to improve confidence and communication skills when working both independently or part of a team
  • to foster flexibility, open-mindedness and independence
  • to develop students’ curiosity of the world around us and to encourage study trips abroad
  • to use new technology as an effective educational tool
  • to facilitate language and cultural learning both in and outside the classroom
  • to use creativity and positive reinforcement to motivate and engage all our students
  • to promote leaderships opportunities for our students across all year groups