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The Sacred Heart Language College

Code of Conduct

This describes what is expected of each member of our community in terms of attitude, organisation, preparation and behaviour.

We will continually promote high standards ​​​​​​​of behaviour through clear and consistently applied expectations, rewards and consequences.

We are a caring Catholic school built on Gospel  values of love, dignity, respect and forgiveness.

We aim to provide the best possible educational experience for all of our community within a well-ordered and purposeful learning environment.

The code will be on display in every classroom. It will be referred to in lessons and assemblies and every member of the school has a responsibility to see that it is followed.


To achieve effectively in your lessons, you should:
  • Arrive calmly and on time, organised with the correct books and equipment
  • Listen carefully to the teacher and follow instructions
  • When making a contribution to the lesson, raise your hand and wait for the teacher’s attention
  • Show respect – do not disturb other pupils physically or verbally
  • Take care of your learning environment

Corridor Code

  • Treat all members of the school community with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Walk quietly to the left in corridors and on stairs and go straight to your next lesson
  • Only go to your lockers before school, break times or just before afternoon lessons
  • You should not knock on the staffroom door before 1.20pm at lunchtime (1.00pm on Fridays)
  • Respect the school building, the environment and one way system

Canteen Code

  • Queue up quietly, obeying instructions of staff on duty
  • Select your food choices quickly and politely with your card ready
  • Talk quietly to your friends and act sensibly
  • Put all litter in the bin at the end of your meal
  • Food and drink is only to be consumed in the canteen, with litter put in the bins provided

Travelling to and from school (and on school trips)

  • Behave reasonably and responsibly to and from school
  • Wear correct school uniform to and from school
  • Be punctual to school


  • Personal music systems should not be brought to school
  • Dangerous items or illegal substances should not be brought to school
  • Expensive items or large sums of money should not be brought to school
  • Mobile phones are only allowed with a signed contract and must be switched off at all times. They are your responsibility whilst in school
  • The ICT policy and rules for use of the Internet must be followed at all times


R eflect and take time to understand what is happening around you

E veryone is equally valued

S mile when all is not going well

P roceed with care in a conflict situation

E xcuse failings in others and yourself

C onsider others’ points of view

T ry to behave so that everybody feels part of the community