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The Sacred Heart Language College

Able, Gifted and Talented Provision

At The Sacred Heart Language College we believe that it is vital that all pupils achieve their full potential and our definition of ability recognises academic, practical, creative, musical, physical, social, spiritual and moral development.

The term ‘Able, Gifted and Talented’ is used to identify our most able pupils as we believe our approach is an inclusive one which focuses on a wider group of pupils than are identified in many schools.

The most able pupils in each year group are identified using a variety of different types of information:

  • Prior attainment data and information passed on by primary schools
  • CATs tests taken by all pupils when they arrive in year 7
  • Teacher assessment and recommendation
  • Internal assessments

We have partnerships with Independent and State schools and pupils identified as Able, Gifted and Talented have many opportunities to participate in enrichment and challenge activities.

‘The Catholic Church firmly holds that it is the entitlement of every child to experience excellence in teaching and this underlines the school’s responsibility to develop the potential of every pupil’

('Our Catholic Schools' - Westminster diocese)