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The Sacred Heart Language College

Children & the Arts, Jack Petchey foundation, Perspective Art Prize 



Tabatha Crook in year 10, submitted artwork that was shortlisted as finalist for the 2017 Children & the Arts, Jack Petchey foundation, Perspective Art Prize! Ten pieces of artwork were shortlisted for three different categories. Tabatha's work was in the 11 to 15 category.

The prize giving event took place on Monday the 15th of May in London. 

It was very exciting to see Tabatha's work celebrated among other very talented emerging young artists. The overall winner was an entry from a younger pupil.  Tabatha's work was beautifully displayed and received a lot of attention and praise, it was a really fabulous night. 

Well done Tabatha!

This is a brief but very meaningful description of Tabatha's art work: 

A front facing camera or mirror will allow you to fully understand this painting; to understand that skin colour, gender and difference are only aspects of a person. That the media driven stereotypes and a normative society, cloud your view and alter your perspective. ‘INNOCENT/GUILTY? VICTIM/ PERPETRATOR? GANGSTER/YOUTH?