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The Sacred Heart Language College


Thursday 28th September

Pupil conference 2023

On the 28th September 2023, a very exciting pupil conference took place in the main hall for students in Year 8-10. The conference was fully planned and delivered by some Year 11 students, and we focused on providing each year group with beneficial advice and techniques to help them with their studies whilst at The Sacred Heart but also for the future. I was working with the Researching group lead by members of 11H and 11A, we delivered our session to the Year 8s providing useful information on the validity of websites and where to go for research, the difference between primary and secondary sources and good interview techniques. The second session was delivered to Year 9 students and focused on Oracy skills looking at effective structure and delivery when conducting a speech or talking to others in formal and more informal situations.

 In the afternoon, Year 10 students took part in a session around how to best retain information and how to revise, which will be very useful for their upcoming GCSEs. Finally, each year group took part in a second session focusing on growth and fixed mindsets and how to be more resilient in our learning.

Overall, this was an exciting and beneficial event for not just Year 8-10 students, but us Year 11s as well, as it not only helped us develop our confidence and public speaking skills, but also provided us with a great opportunity to share a range of skills on how to become more independent in our learning.  

Aminah  11H













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