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The Sacred Heart Language College



13th - 19th March 2023

Science week was celebrated at the Sacred Heart Language College through a display of students’ hard work and enthusiasm for the Sciences. 

Poster Judging 

The week of activities started off with poster judging done by Alex Burgess, Dr Jyotshna, and four science prefects. The theme for the poster competition, “Connections”, brought to light the varying talents possess by our Sacred Heart girls. Two pupils from year 7 and two from year 9 were selected as overall winners. Their posters will now be entered in the British Science Association competition.  








Year 7: Carbon Dioxide Connections & Skittles in a Plate 

Monday afternoon, year 7 had their connections lesson looking at the many ways that carbon dioxide is used in everyday life.  They were given the opportunity to extend their learning at home by carrying out a simple investigation with vinegar and baking soda to inflate a balloon. 

In the afternoon they carried out a skittles in plate exercise that was both colourful, exciting and engaging. From this activity, students were able to see dissolving at work and the effects of temperature on the rate at which it takes place. 











Science Expo 

Tuesday began with our mini science careers expo. There was an amazing array of careers displayed around S15 for students to consider as options for future career paths. We also had one of our past students who is an Animal and Plant health specialist come in and engage the students in conversations about travelling abroad and transporting pests from country to country. She currently works at the Heathrow International Airport, where she has years of experience managing and monitoring what comes into the UK. This careers session specially targeted the year 11 students, however, during the lunch hour other year groups were given the opportunity to engage with the session. 
















Flame Test 

Tuesday afternoon, year 8 had their fun activity, looking at the colours emitted in a flame from specific metals. This was colourful and informative as students were able to make the connections between different colours in fireworks and the metals that produce them. 

Ice-cream Making 

On Thursday, year 9 and 10 engaged in an ice-cream making exercise and was very successful in producing delicious cones of vanilla and mint flavoured dessert. Using the simple method of shaking ice and salt surrounding flavoured cream and milk they were able to make see the connection that salt has with lowering melting and freezing point.  

DNA Modelling and Presentation 

Thursday and Friday, year 9 made presentations on the past, present, and future of DNA. They also made models that were representative of their understanding of the bases that are in the structure of DNA. Some amazing and creative models were brought in by the different groups which showed evidence of the great talents that we have amongst our pupils. 










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