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The Sacred Heart Language College

YEAR 9 Visit to shakespeare's globe

Monday 25th March 

Year 9 attended Romeo & Juliet at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Monday 25th March. Blessed with fine weather, students were able to enjoy the experience of attending the theatre, with its open roof, live music and groundling area, while enjoying the production of a play they studied closely in English only last year.

“It was enjoyable because the actors were really enthusiastic and energised and you could tell who they were playing because they were really in the role. It was just a really good atmosphere because everyone was really excited.” ED (9A)

“The dances were quite modern so we could relate to them and the Globe in general was really cool because we were where kings and queens have been.” AD (9A)

“It was a really great experience and the actors were brilliant. I had a really great time!” IC (9A)

“It was a fantastic experience and I really hope the next year enjoys it.” SM (9A)

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