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The Sacred Heart Language College


Over the course of a few weeks in December, all forms in year 9 had the opportunity of visiting Spec and spending a day there. It was a refreshing break from the normal routine of school. Spec is an organisation which is led by the Diocese of Westminster and is run by a group of voluntary workers from all around the world who live on site, and who help you to build a closer relationship with God. Spec is located in a gorgeously peaceful site in Waxwell Lane, Pinner which feels as if it’s in the heart of the country despite being only a few miles from the school. When we first arrived, we were greeted by the volunteers, who were very pleasant and welcoming. Whilst we were there we learnt key skills, such as working cooperatively with our classmates and how we can apply the Bible’s teachings in our everyday lives. The day commenced with a game which involved teamwork; everyone thoroughly enjoyed this and found it very exciting. At the start, we chose our groups, which included two leaders and each group had a separate room where we did independent work. Later on in the day, we were able to explore the grounds and we discovered an old Tudor house.  The house was beautiful and full of character, and contrasted with the modern building where we were being taught. For the last part of the day, the whole form was taken into the Chapel in the main building, where the volunteers live and we said prayers. When we left, we were given information cards and a prayer card. Altogether, it was a wonderful experience, and a very spirtitual one just before Christmas and I definitely felt as though I was able to connect with God.


By Gessica Perdoni, Sofia Pettenati and Amy Almeda 9R

24th January, 2018