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The Sacred Heart Language College


My name is Tabatha and I’m fourteen years old. For as long as I can remember, my passion has been creating beautiful things and anyone that knows me will know there’s nothing I won’t try to do! I’ve been playing instruments for around nine years, achieving up to grade 6 on piano, guitar and drums. Moreover, in my spare time, I like to compose my own music and every morning, by eight o’ clock, I can usually be found making a racket in the practice rooms.

I also love to play sports, especially volleyball, football and long jump which are all on offer here as well as many other sports. I feel that whilst being in the Sacred Heart, I have been able to turn my passions into a talent with the help of supportive teachers and students. For example, the instrumental lessons in school, being able to play in the RnB band and the excursions we get to go on.

I further enjoy languages, art and the three sciences, which I chose for my GCSE options, in the hope that one-day I will be able to work in a STEM related job. Honestly, school is not always easy but there is always help if you ask for it; whether that be talking to your head of year or the heart to heart students.

What I love most about school is the fact that the student population is so multicultural. This is very important to me as a black student and I also enjoy learning about other people’s cultures.