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The Sacred Heart Language College


As a timid and apprehensive, but hopeful student coming to the Sacred Heart Language College, I did not think that the five years would pass by at such an unimaginable and unexpected speed.

As a child I was always curious about science. I grew up loving Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and the Science Department at the Sacred Heart didn’t fail to drive forward my passion for these subjects. The Staff at the Sacred Heart truly want the best for each one of their student, and the student- staff connection is truly outstanding.  

My time at the Sacred Heart has not however just been 5 years of focusing on working hard, but also 5 years which have shaped me as a person. My organisational and communication skills have been enhanced; in year 9 I volunteered to help in the Study centre and fulfilled the duty of a library prefect until I left in Year 11. Interacting with fellow students whether it was discussing or finding books gave me such a sense of happiness and fulfilment. In Year 10 we took a trip to Santiago de Compostela in the Northern Spain which was a fantastic opportunity to learn about Spanish culture.

  At the Sacred Heart I also enjoyed taking part in large musical ensembles such as the Orchestra, and in Year 11 I was appointed as Head of House, a role which I hope I addressed with high confidence and cooperation. Developing a consistent work ethic and staying organised, also allowed me to point my energies into other activities, for example I have been an active senior member of the Army Cadet Force for over 3 years.

 I can affirm that the most significant thing my eleven years of school have taught me is that hard work beats talent, and my time at the Sacred Heart Language College has reinforced this. I Have just received my GCSE results and achieved 9 A* and 1A in AS Religious Studies which I am really proud of. I hope to continue the momentum and hard work at St Dominic’s College and in due course find myself at a Russell Group University to study medicine and become a doctor.

Oliwia Dziwisz

Past Year 11 pupil