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The Sacred Heart Language College


Curriculum statement - Mathematics

‘Confident in God’s love for us, we commit ourselves to His service’

The Mathematics department aims to deliver high quality lessons which inspire, instil confidence and enthuse pupils to deepen their understanding of maths while exploring the sophisticated enigmas of numbers.

“Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas “- Albert Einstein

As a department we believe that Mathematics is:


  • A set of skills needed for adult life
  • A collection of skills and techniques for solving problems, both within mathematics and also in other subject areas
  • A logical, rewarding and unique subject, whose study is both stimulating and interesting

As teachers of Mathematics we aim to:


  • Set challenging targets with high expectations from all pupils,
  • Offer a variety of approaches to teaching and learning to ensure engagement from and motivation of pupils and to demand their active participation,
  • Smooth the transition for pupils between Key Stages and ensure progression in teaching and learning throughout their time at The Sacred Heart Language College,
  • Explore enrichment opportunities outside the curriculum to enhance pupils’ enjoyment of mathematics.

The teaching of Mathematics aims to enable pupils to:


  • Develop their mathematical knowledge ,oral, written and practical skills in a way which encourages confidence and provides satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Read, write and talk about mathematics in a variety of ways and apply these skills to other subjects
  • Appreciate patterns and relationships in maths and develop a feel for number, carry out calculations and understand the significance of the results obtained
  • Work independently and co-operatively in applying mathematics in everyday situations and develop an understanding of the part played by Mathematics in the world around them
  • Acquire a foundation of mathematical skills and knowledge to further study of maths and other subjects