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The Sacred Heart Language College


The Curriculum at The Sacred Heart

We are committed to offering a high quality broad and balanced educational offer to all our students. At its heart is the belief that a raised set of expectations enables our students to aim high and challenge themselves in their learning. Therefore, all students follow the full range of subjects. Particular support is given in class and through targeted interventions for those pupils who need to improve their basic literacy and numeracy in order to fully access the learning opportunities across the rest of the curriculum.

We firmly believe that if the foundations of learning are properly established then academic success and high levels of achievement will follow by the end of Key Stage 4. This commitment is evidenced in our curriculum plan where time is given to promoting learning skills and approaches to study ensuring academic excellence and supporting transition to further sixth form studies in Year 11.

Reflecting our commitment to the development of the whole person we also offer an innovative pastoral curriculum framework that empowers all to grow in confidence as informed, articulate citizens.

Our Staff

Our staff work collaboratively to ensure that pupils learning:

  • Has a clear rationale
  • Enables all to build on their prior knowledge
  •  Is coherently planned to challenge all to make maximum progress
  • Is designed to help pupils embed their learning in their longer-term memory

Our Pupils

The desired outcomes is that our pupils are:

  • Well informed, confident and articulate
  • They are resilient as leaders of their own learning
  • They are empowered to make moral decisions and be active citizen mindful of their commitment  to the common good and Catholic social teaching

They are equipped with the relevant skills for success in the wider world and have options open to them for future studies and work.

For more information about our curriculum offer, please contact us at:

The Sacred Heart Language College, High Street, Wealdstone, Harrow HA3 7AY

Tel: 020 8863 9922