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The Sacred Heart Language College


Curriculum Statement – Art

“Confident in God’s love for us, we commit ourselves to his service”


Art, craft and design represent some of the highest forms of human creativity.

In Art, while encouraging pupils to enjoy and recognise the importance of the subject and its creative value, we also aim to model how dedication for the subject can greatly contribute to the growth of resilience, independence and determination. Art, Craft and Design represent some of the highest forms of human creativity.

From the very beginning of year 7 to year 11, pupils are given a wide range of opportunities to develop observational skills through looking at objects, people, the natural world and man-made environments. Experimenting with techniques, styles and materials enables pupils to used acquired visual language not only as a form of self-expression but also to create successful and meaningful artwork. Pupils benefit from learning about the work of Artists, Architects, Designers and Craft workers from both past and present and different countries and culture. This enables them to make links with other subjects and make learning more coherent and meaningful. Galleries and/or Museum visits are organised by the department to give students opportunities to have direct experience of viewing art work and benefit from additional teams of educators who engage pupils through observation and discussion and often also practical workshops.


The Art Department in The Sacred Heart Language College aims to:

  • Inspire and engage students, offering opportunities to gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to create their own Artwork and as a means of communication.
  • Build skills and techniques and encourage students to acquire a critical understanding of how art, craft and design reflect and shape our history and contribute to culture, creativity and wealth of ourselves and our nation.
  • Create opportunities for students to be proud of their individual achievements, with the belief that we can all succeed through perseverance.
  • Contribute forming a resilient, positive and creative mind, which is key to problem solving. This consequentially can be very helpful in preparing young people for their own personal lives and for careers among others such as: Art Gallery Curator, Creative Officer or Art Director, Art or Art history lecturer, Multimedia Artist/Animator, Landscape Architect. Ultimately, to be well rounded, confident, and positive contributors to our society.