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The Sacred Heart Language College

the reading challenge at the sacred heart

Every year Year 7, 8 and 9 participate in a Reading Challenge. Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are achieved by students completing a number of books from a variety of genres over the course of the academic year. The challenge aims to support students in their independent reading, as reading widely from a variety of genres is an expectation here at The Sacred Heart. The challenge also allows us to recognise outstanding readers and celebrate their love of books.

One such outstanding reader is Lauwrensia Tuder of 8A who has completed 134 books to date since September. Lauwrensia has said, “I love reading because it takes me to different places. My mum says people who read a lot want to be somewhere else. When Harry was fighting Voldemort, I wanted to be there!” Her class mate Natalie Botros of 8T added, “I find reading relaxing and stress free. It makes me not worry about exams and tests.”

Congratulations to all students on your reading efforts so far! I hope Lauwrensia inspires others to continue reading and would like to encourage students to use their Easter break as a great opportunity to explore an exciting new world through a book.