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The Sacred Heart Language College

gifted and talented visit to north london collegiate

Wednesday 25th January 2017

On Wednesday 25th January a group of Year 7 students went to North London Collegiate School to improve their music and code-breaking skills. When we arrived we were taken to the school gym where we were introduced to the North London girls. Once we knew each other, we spent a terrific morning of
appreciating and listening to music. It was quite an experience which enriched our musical vocabulary and listening skills. After lunch, we had a delightful codebreaking session. Although the codes were quite challenging, the teachers helped us. Then we went back to school - our epic day was over. We all loved it.

Keira Fernandes 7H

In the morning we started with listening to classical music and writing about musical components. After an hour we listened to an extract from a piece of music and had to guess the storyline. Once we had listened to the extract three or four times we wrote a presentation on it including the musical components and storyline. We then had an indulgent buffet lunch and a tour around the school. After lunch each group did a presentation. The extract was played from was ‘Romeo and Juliet’. 

Molly Rochford 7T