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The Sacred Heart Language College

Year 9 First Give Programme

Monday 26th February - Friday 1st March 2024

During the week of 26th February to 1st March, Year 9 tutor groups participated in a variety of events to raise money for their chosen charities as part of the ‘First Give’ programme.

9H raised money for their chosen charity ‘Lives not knives’ by providing a selection of delicious foods from across the globe. There was much merriment, music and dancing.

9E came up with a unique approach to raising money for their chosen charity the ‘Wish Centre’. They showed their commitment to sustainability, by encouraging thrifting with a sale of pre-owned goods. They also designed a sculpture to showcase jewellery for sale and made a photo booth showing their creative mindset.







9A raised money for their charity St Luke’s Hospice by creating little care bags with a compact mirror, lip balm, beaded bracelets and a small bag of sweets. They also had a bake sale with some of the girls baking their own cakes and decorating them. In the photograph below, it shows the girls selling personalised badges which they made.

9R put on a wonderful bake sale for their charity ‘Compass’ which helps children who are suffering from mental health issues. Everyone had lots of fun and the treats were delicious. 9R also put on a dance and pizza evening for Year 8 students to raise money for their charity. The students had a wonderful time dancing to ‘Just Dance’.

9T has raised money for their charity the ‘National Autism Society’ by making ‘Mystery Goody Bags’ as well as a Lucky Dip with Goodies. They also did a 5km Colour Spectrum Walk (30 times around the playground) which was sponsored on a JustGiving page for the National Autism Society.