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The Sacred Heart Language College


Friday 24th June to Tuesday 28th June 2022.

The Pupil Voice of the Sacred Heart Language College are proud to introduce you to our very first “Pupil Voice Fundraising Week” taking place from Friday 24th June until Tuesday 28th June 2022. The aim of the “Pupil Voice Fundraising week” is to raise sufficient funds to buy more tables and benches for the school playground. It was decided by the Pupil Voice team that this would be an important initiative as many students have voiced the need to improve the students’ seating areas across the school.  

  • On Friday 24th June 2022, all students and staff were invited to attend school dressed in Jubilee colours (red, white and blue) for a donation of £2. 
  • On Monday 27th June 2022, all students and staff are invited to take part in a Danceathon for a donation of £1.
  • On Tuesday 28th June 2022, all students and staff are invited to bake their best delicious dessert and donate £1 to enter the baking competition. A bake sale is organised for all to taste these fantastic desserts. 

It is fantastic to see so many of our school community taking part in this fundraising event and we are all looking forward to investing our raised funds for our new benches and tables.