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The Sacred Heart Language College

The Blessed Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust – Pupil conference

Thursday 3rd March 2022

On the 3rd of March, The Sacred Heart College had the honour of hosting a Pupil led conference focusing on students’ ownership of their learning. We welcomed groups of year 5 pupils from St. George’s; St. John Fisher; St. Joseph's, as well as year 9 pupils from here at The Sacred Heart. The day proved to be extremely rewarding for all participants, as workshops such as ‘Confidence in Oracy ’ were expertly organised by year 10 students. Our conference ran successfully thanks to the remarkable support of the year 10 facilitators, who guided each group through the various exciting activities of the day. We also had the pleasure of hearing from Seyi Oluwaseyi Adeyanju and Virginie Lambertucci - two inspiring alumni speakers who delivered useful advice on how to be resilient and successful in our learning. A special thank you is deserved for Mrs Burgess, Mrs Williams and Mrs Starling who together worked hard to make this day possible and for giving us the opportunity to showcase our own leadership skills. Overall, we truly enjoyed strengthening connections within the Academy and collectively discovering how to be a more independent learner.                          Elizabeth Donohue 10H

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