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The Sacred Heart Language College

Classics trip to the British Museum

Tuesday 11th February 2020

On Tuesday 11th February the Year 10 Classics group went on a trip to the British Museum in London. We left school at around 9:15 and arrived at the museum at around 10:50. Straight away we made our way into the Troy exhibition to look at the sources and artefacts. It revealed the stories of the Trojan war first written by poets like Homer and Virgil.  The exhibit highlights the works of art inspired by the tales of the war, how it started, love and loss. After we had finished viewing all the sources we went into the Greek section of the museum to look at the Parthenon Frieze and the Parthenon statues which have been on display at the British museum since 1817. This trip was a great way to broaden our knowledge on the Trojan War and the Parthenon.                                                                                        India Paisley, 10E