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The Sacred Heart Language College

Year 7 NLCS Challenge Day

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Our talented year 7 musicians joined their counterparts from North London Collegiate School on Wednesday 23rd January. The  schools' Partnership Enrichment  Programme provides our gifted and talented students the opportunity to engage in challenging lessons.

After listening  to classical music and identifying:- melody types, harmonies, families of instruments and other musical elements and style; the students presented an analysis of a classical extract through drama. An array of clever and enjoyable performances were produced.


When we arrived at North London Collegiate School we were greeted by some of their Year 7 pupil.  We were put next to two new people and we did some vocal warm ups.  After that we were put into groups.  We listened to some music and we had to describe it using words like scalic, harmonic, legato, chromatic.  Once we finished lots of different types of songs, we listened to Romeo and Juliet music.  We were then given a small section of music and we had to do a presentation on it. There was plenty of time to create our presentations which we then performed in front of everyone.  Before we started our presentations we had a lovely lunch.  I really enjoyed going to the North London Collegiate and I learned a lot and had a great time.                                                                                                                Freya Ruane 7S

I met some new people who were very nice.  We listened to music and wrote about what it included e.g. what instruments were being played, how did the music sound?  We also did a presentation at the end.  We all had a piece of music from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ that an orchestra played, composed by Tchaikovsky.  We had to talk about it and we could present it in our own way.  In my group some of us were news presenters and others were players from the orchestra.  We interviewed the players asking them questions about the music and their part in the piece.  We then presented it in front of everyone.  The trip was a good experience.                                                                                                                 Erin Street 7S