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The Sacred Heart Language College

year 9 'first give' charity presentations

Friday 4th May 2018

Year 9’s have been participating in a social action competition organised by the charity ‘First Give’. This programme aims to increase awareness of social issues in our local communities and to develop pupils oracy and presentation skills. Pupils research social action issues and charities that work to overcome these in our community and presented their charity to their form. As a form they voted and decided on one charity to learn more about, fundraise for and compete to win £1000 for. This has been a term long project for Year 9 as they investigate their charity and teach others about their work. We are very proud to say Year 9 has raised the following for their charities:

9A – Action for Children. Raised £200.05

9E – Harrow Mencap. Raised £188.99

9A – Hilingdon Womens Center. Raised £250.00

9R – Genesis Research Trust. Raised £60.00

9T – Empower Safer London. Raised £274.99

On Friday 4th May Year 9 Forms competed by presenting to Year 8 and 9 and a panel of 3 judges. They presented on the work of the charity, the importance of the charity, social action they had been involved in and what the £1000 would be spent on. Each presentation reflected the hard work and commitment of the year group and form staff towards their chosen social action issue.

The winning form was 9H Action for Children.

Well done to all of Year 9. 

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